Balance cost, risk, and business outcomes across your entire asset base

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Discover how Copperleaf Asset can enhance your asset management strategy through advanced analytics and decision accuracy

Organizations invest billions of dollars every year, making major decisions each day about how to maintain and expand the infrastructure critical to our society. Those decisions are complex, balancing disparate factors such as safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, levels of service, and environmental responsibility.

Copperleaf Asset™ can help your organization balance these factors and make optimal and rigorous asset sustainment decisions with agility and efficiency.

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Proactively manage risk exposure

Copperleaf Asset enables organizations to create, manage, and visualize asset strategies that maximize business value while proactively managing risk. It provides a quantitative, comprehensive assessment of all asset risks, so that you can confidently allocate resources across the entire asset base to mitigate the most risk. Copperleaf Asset makes it easy to understand the long-term risk exposure of your asset population and the impact of different strategies on risk over time.

Balance cost, risk, and business outcomes

Copperleaf Asset considers funding, resource, and service level requirements, resulting in an actionable asset strategy that can be accomplished with available resources. What-if scenarios provide the ability to quantify and compare the risk and business outcomes associated with different asset investment strategies—to build consensus and agree on the best path forward. Make informed trade-offs between capital and maintenance costs to create a plan that balances total expenditure and minimizes overall cost.

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Improve planning efficiency

Copperleaf Asset empowers you to create the right plan quickly and confidently. Data aggregation and automatic asset modeling result in improved planning efficiency with decreased cycle time and effort. This leads to greater organizational agility and resilience, enabling quicker response to questions, challenges, or changes.

Copperleaf value framework

Align decisions with your strategic objectives

Copperleaf Asset considers all business inputs during asset strategy optimization, to ensure your asset management plan will drive the achievement of your strategic objectives, today and into the future. It leverages the Copperleaf Value Framework to consistently assess risks, costs, and benefits across all assets and align decisions with the strategic priorities of your organization.

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Communicate, visualize, and defend asset plans

Copperleaf Asset’s transparent, data-driven approach to decision making can help you identify and communicate the trade-offs between multiple plan options. Insightful reports and out-of-the-box business intelligence (BI) dashboards make it easy to justify planned asset expenditures internally, and to your regulator, board, and other stakeholders. Asset equips organizations with a single source of truth for risk across assets and investments, for more efficient and transparent decision making.

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Bundle asset interventions to save costs

The job of bundling work into projects is typically a manual process, relying on planners to identify potential bundling opportunities across an organization’s planned asset sustainment work. By creating suboptimal bundles, or not bundling at all, organizations are incurring more service interruptions than necessary, and increasing the risk of asset failure. Copperleaf Asset’s Intelligent Bundling capability automatically bundles asset interventions together to plan service outages in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


The Copperleaf solution is the driver of how we create our risk-based annual work plans.

Caroline Hon

Vice President of Resource Planning

National Grid

With Copperleaf, we now have much better visibility into the sustainment needs of our asset base over the long term, and we can clearly demonstrate that our investment plans are aligned with our company priorities.

Jim Pegg

Manager of Asset Planning

Hydro Ottawa

Copperleaf Asset has become an integral part of us managing our capital portfolio and implementing our asset management program.

Paul Barnett

Former Senior Program Manager

Tennessee Valley Authority

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Copperleaf can help your organization decide where and when to invest in your business to maximize capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your ESG and financial goals.

Copperleaf can help your organization decide where and when to invest in your business to maximize capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your ESG and financial goals.

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