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How can chemical companies develop capital plans that cost-effectively manage risk, meet sustainability targets, and drive corporate strategy?

Having a process for managing risk consistently and based on value is critical, because every dollar a company invests should create value.

Dan Coombs

Former EVP


By leveraging advanced data analytics and digital technologies, chemical companies can become more agile, innovative, responsive, and efficient.


2022 Chemical Industry Outlook

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Decision Analytics for Chemical Companies

Price volatility, market uncertainty, and continued pressure from investors to meet new and evolving sustainability commitments are changing the way chemical companies allocate money and resources. To successfully navigate this complex environment, organizations need to strike the right balance between managing existing operations and investing for the future.

How can you be confident you’re making the best decisions that deliver the greatest value and drive your strategic goals?

Copperleaf® helps companies create optimal investment plans to allocate capital budget in a way that aligns with corporate strategy, while remaining agile to respond to an ever-changing business environment. The Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution can help your organization decide where and when to invest in your business to maximize capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and financial goals.

Maximize Return on Invested Capital

Increase capital efficiency by selecting the right investments and executing them at the right time.

Improve Planning Efficiency

Assess all investments consistently in a centralized system to break down silos and expedite approvals.

Proactively Manage Risk Exposure

Explore how different levels of investment impact risk to build a robust, defensible plan.

Execute Corporate Strategy

Align investments with your strategic goals, including financial, operational, ESG, reliability, and other targets.

Proven Solution Delivers High ROI

Every Copperleaf client has achieved 100% return on their investment within their first planning cycle—and every organization that has implemented our solution continues to use it successfully today. Measurable results include:


increase in capital efficiency


reduction in risk exposure


reduction in planning time

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Adopted by industry leaders

Idemitsu Kosan is one of Japan’s leading producers and suppliers of energy and spans 67 business bases across 20 countries and regions outside of Japan, including lubricants, asphalt, and petrochemicals. Idemitsu Kosan selected the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution to help the company establish a more transparent and consistent Asset Investment Planning and Management process.


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Create optimal investment plans to drive decarbonization goals

Chemical companies must balance ambitious climate goals, resource constraints, supply chain disruptions, political upheaval, safety and reliability targets, and other internal complexities.

Download our white paper to find out how organizations can use value-based decision-making to address the challenges facing the chemicals industry by optimizing capital planning, maximizing investment value, and achieving strategic goals.

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Cost-effectively manage risk for your plants and equipment

Understanding your risk exposure today and into the future means you can invest your money in the right pieces of equipment to manage risk in the most cost-effective way. Copperleaf can help your organization optimize asset performance by calculating the risk, cost, and value over time for each asset and optimal intervention dates—enabling asset managers to create the best sustainment strategy while accounting for all business constraints.

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Plan with agility in a dynamic environment

As the business environment changes, new tactical and strategic priorities emerge. Copperleaf makes it easy to quickly run what-if analyses to explore various investment strategies, build consensus, and align investment decisions with new strategic priorities.

Copperleaf enables a continuous planning process by highlighting variances between planned and actual performance. No matter what twists and turns arise during execution, you’ll be able to re-optimize plans, communicate and defend any changes to stakeholders, and adapt quickly to maintain optimal business performance.

Drive your ESG strategy

Copperleaf helps organizations turn aspirational ESG objectives into action by offering a practical way to incorporate ESG metrics into everyday decision making. By expanding your assessment of project value to include impacts on ESG, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how each investment contributes to ESG performance
  • Build plans that meet short- and long-term commitments
  • Make trade-off decisions that balance business-as-usual and ESG goals

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Our Product Suite

Copperleaf’s scalable enterprise software solution can grow with you as your business needs evolve. It integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, APM, ERP, GIS, and other systems for more efficient, data-driven decision-making.

Copperleaf Asset
Balance cost, risk, and business outcomes across your entire asset base
Copperleaf Portfolio
Create the best investment plans for today and an increasingly complex future
Copperleaf Value
Align your organization to achieve its strategic objectives

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