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The Copperleaf® H2O Solution is an optimized implementation of Copperleaf Portfolio™ tailored for water utilities in the UK. Using a predefined, best-practice configuration aligned with both ISO 55001 and Ofwat’s Outcome Delivery Incentives, the Copperleaf H2O Solution can be implemented within a matter of weeks to help new clients get up and running quickly. Clients gain access to a library of industry-proven value models, and can import their existing asset investment plans into the system to begin unlocking benefits right away.

Copperleaf H2O includes a preconfigured instance of the Copperleaf solution with business-ready core configuration for Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM). The start position and associated documentation benefit clients of all sizes as a project accelerator, enabling faster implementations. Combined with quick and easy import of your existing asset management plan, Copperleaf H2O provides faster time to value.

Align with ISO55001 & regulatory requirements

Using a predefined, best-practice configuration aligned with both the ISO55001 standard and UK Water Regulator Ofwat’s Outcome Delivery Incentives, Copperleaf H2O allows UK-based water utilities of all sizes to take full advantage of the multi-featured, market-leading Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution.


Ready-to-go water sector value framework

The Copperleaf H2O solution is underpinned by a water sector value framework that contains a library of value models covering the needs and requirements of the UK water industry. This enables water utilities to evaluate different value measures, such as benefits, risk mitigation, and delivery of performance commitments on a common economic scale. The solution also supports reporting against the six capitals to align decision-making criteria with responsibility to customers and the environment.

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Rapid implementation methodology

Copperleaf H2O enables water utilities to rapidly access best practices for investment planning and management and start unlocking benefits.

During week one and two, the environment is built, and the client’s existing asset management plan is imported. A full user acceptance test is completed to reach live production in as little as eight weeks. Testing is performed iteratively throughout, with the out-of-the-box solution used at every opportunity.


With the Copperleaf solution, we will be able to consider how our assets will perform throughout the next regulatory period, enabling the regulatory submission to be built based on both analysis of our assets and a top-down view of how the plan will be delivered.

Jared McGivern

Asset Manager

South Staffs Water

We wanted a solution that would help us quickly optimize our plans at an asset and portfolio level, ensuring that we are making the best decisions at the optimal time. With the Copperleaf solution, we will be able to focus on addressing specific performance commitments and outcome delivery incentives set by Ofwat.

Richard Sands

Head of Asset Management

South East Water

The Copperleaf solution will support and inform our decision making by allowing us to balance trade-offs between costs, risks, and performance to deliver maximum value for our customers.

Sarah Sayer

Investment Planning Manager

Affinity Water

The Copperleaf H2O solution will help us set out strategies that are adaptive to a wide range of potential future scenarios. We look forward to using the solution as an integral part of our PR24 price review process.

Jamie Jones

Regulations Manager

Portsmouth Water

The Copperleaf H2O Solution will enable us to track performance, ensuring our commitments can be delivered and the risk of penalties minimized.

Caroline Cooper

Strategy and Regulation Director

South Staffs Water

The Copperleaf solution will facilitate the development of more robust, appropriate, and defensible investment plans based on our corporate vision and customer needs.

AnneLouise McGinn

Asset Management Lead

Portsmouth Water

We wanted to move away from a spreadsheet-based approach and become proactive with our planning rather than reactive. With PR24 coming up, we needed to ensure we could understand risk, prioritize the right projects, and justify investment decisions.

David Price

Asset Performance Manager

South East Water

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