Build capital plans that drive your ESG strategy

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Do you understand how your investments will contribute to ESG performance? Are you able to demonstrate that the plan considers all options and targets with confidence?

Turn aspirational goals into operational plans

Whether driven by shareholder requirements, new policies such as net-zero commitments, or increasingly conscious and demanding consumers, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pressures are adding complexity to investment planning and intensifying the scrutiny around decision making.

Copperleaf® helps organizations turn aspirational ESG objectives into action by offering a practical way to incorporate ESG metrics into everyday decision making.

Optimize asset investment planning for sustainable ESG strategies

Building a sustainable asset investment plan in today’s business environment means Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) must be an integral part of investment strategy. Copperleaf is helping clients across the globe—including National Grid, Endeavour Energy, Salt River Project (SRP), Alectra Utilities, and Anglian Water—balance sustainability and day-to-day operations, while meeting net-zero goals as well as regulatory and board requirements.

Decision analytics for net zero and ESG

Decision analytics for net zero and ESG

As ESG and net zero continue to rise in importance, utilities are using decision analytics to achieve sustainability goals efficiently and cost effectively. This Utility Week report explains how the Copperleaf Value Framework can be developed and deployed to underpin better decisions on where to invest.

Download this report to explore how decision analytics can help you achieve your ESG and net-zero goals.


Asset management and ESG

Growing pressure around ESG targets and reporting presents both significant challenges and opportunities for asset managers. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • What criteria or metrics are part of ESG reporting?
  • What aspects of ISO 55001 can help tackle growing ESG requirements?
  • How can Copperleaf help your organization incorporate ESG criteria into your decision making?


ESG-driven Decision Making

When it comes to valuing potential investments through an ESG lens, organizations are using Copperleaf’s solutions to lead the way.

Alt Block Water Treatment - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Spotlight on ESG at Anglian Water

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. Central to its ESG strategy is the goal to achieve net zero by 2030 and ensure greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are lower or equal to mitigation activities.

With Copperleaf Portfolio™, Anglian water has exceeded its 2020 goals and decreased capital carbon by 61% against 2010 baselines.


Driving sustainability targets at National Grid

A key element of a robust sustainability strategy is a decision-making process that balances sustainability against the rest of the organization’s priorities. National Grid turned this challenge into an opportunity, using the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution to:

  • Quantify the value of replacing or repairing specific assets to mitigate environmental risk
  • Track the environmental impact of projects and create plans that mitigate the impact
  • Justify budgets to stakeholders by communicating the value of plans in terms of emissions reductions


Operationalizing ESG for sustainability success at SRP

In this webinar, Marc Campbell, Manager of Sustainability Policy and Programs at Salt River Project (SRP), and Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO, discuss the rising importance of ESG, and the need to assess the value of potential projects from many different angles. Find out how Copperleaf’s Decision Analytics Solutions can help your organization demonstrate progress toward your ESG and sustainability goals.


Optimizing capital plans to achieve net zero as fast and cost-effectively as possible is critical to National Grid’s success. Copperleaf provides an ideal solution to help us do exactly that.

Lisa Lambert

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, National Grid

Founder & President, National Grid Partners

The thing that stands out as innovative in Copperleaf’s optimization approach is that the best decisions can be made, not only on a cost basis, but also for the environment and for customers.

Mark Coulson

Strategic Investment Manager

Anglian Water

My team’s work has helped position SRP as a leader in asset management. We’ve been interviewed by utilities on our asset management processes, and on how we use Copperleaf Portfolio to support those processes and strengthen corporate governance.

Danielle Jackson

Manager, Financial Analysis

Salt River Project (SRP)

One of the challenges is understanding and quantifying the impact of your operations on the environment, but also the impact of downtime on the customer; with Copperleaf, we are taking both into account.

Endeavour Energy

The Copperleaf solution helps us to not only value the financial benefits we generate but also the societal and environmental benefits, such as biodiversity net gain.

Carol Cairns

Strategic Planning Manager

Northumbrian Water

We have delivered a 62% reduction in capital carbon which proves that the process is working. A key message from us is there are brilliant suppliers like Copperleaf out there who will help organizations such as ourselves deliver against these ambitious targets.

David Riley

Head of Carbon Neutrality

Anglian Water

ESG should be how we start thinking from an organizational perspective. We need to put all our energy into ESG—not just tackle it in 2040, 2050, because it will be too late. So, every decision from today onwards needs to be about what impact does this have on climate.

Gina Pavlovic

Manager, Sustainability & Environment

Endeavour Energy

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