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Written by: Stefan Sadnicki

Anglian Water: Continuous Investment Optimization & Planning

I’m really pleased to share the published case study on our work with Anglian Water, the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. It tells the story of Anglian Water’s journey to improve its asset management and investment planning practices, and the implementation of the Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution.

The case study discusses a number of key features of the project—from process mapping and Value Framework development, through to the integration of the Copperleaf solution with Anglian Water’s master systems. It also highlights the capabilities we’ve been able to deliver, including:

  • Continuous planning and management:
    Anglian Water now has a ‘living plan’ where any version of the plan is just a simple snapshot at a single point of time.
  • Integrated totex costing capability:
    Copperleaf developed a brand new cost estimation capability which allows Anglian Water to capture both one-time and recurring costs, supporting a holistic view of lifecycle costs.

Other benefits include enhanced workforce productivity, enhanced portfolio and scenario capability, compelling reporting and visualization, as well as improved ease of use and flexibility.

Many ‘Firsts’ for Copperleaf:

This was our first project in the UK, a key market for Copperleaf, and without doubt, this has enabled us to accelerate our growth in the region. It was also our first implementation with a water and wastewater utility, which provided further proof of the flexibility of the Copperleaf solution to support an ISO 55001-aligned process in any sector.

For me personally, this was a significant breakthrough. Having joined Copperleaf to expand our presence in Europe, this was my first project win. I will be eternally grateful for the vision shown by Chris Royce and his team who recognized that the core capabilities of the Copperleaf solution—configured to support Anglian’s leading asset management thinking—could elevate the company to the next level. I’m pleased to see this is now a reality.

According to Chris Royce, Head of Strategic Investment Management at Anglian Water:

We now have a fantastic solution that combines the power and capability of the Copperleaf solution with the maturity of the UK water sector. It’s really exciting to see. This continuous planning and management capability really puts us in a new space.

Exciting times ahead!

Anglian Water has been live for over 12 months! More than 100 users are using the Copperleaf system for both business as usual investment planning (i.e. evaluation of project proposals prior to approval for delivery), and for developing their PR19 regulatory submission.

I know the Anglian Water team is busy analyzing different scenarios to ensure they develop the highest-value 5-year business plan for their customers, and we wish them well as they prepare the final regulatory submission with Copperleaf!

To learn more about this project, please download our case study.