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Copperleaf Hosts 6th Annual AIPM Summit

Vancouver, BC, June 15, 2017—The 6th Annual Copperleaf AIPM Summit brought together almost 70 attendees from three continents to discuss decision analytics and the future direction of the Copperleaf C55 solution. Hosted in Vancouver, BC from May 9-11, the event featured educational sessions and roundtable discussions on a variety of topics, beginning with the “State of the Nation” address by Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO, followed by customer-led case studies on how to leverage the Copperleaf Value Framework, and other topics.

“The growing level of commitment and excitement at the Summit is remarkable,” said Judi Hess. “This year we had several client presentations highlighting how they leveraged C55, the Copperleaf Value Framework and the new Cost Estimation application, which gave other members of the Community the chance to hear use cases that will inspire them to get the most out of their own Copperleaf solution.”

The main goal of the summit is to bring the members of the Community together to network, share and learn, and each year the event evolves to provide the highest value to all attendees by encouraging participation and learning.

“Some of the most valuable time I spend away from the office each year is in the discussions that occur at the Copperleaf AIPM Summit with C55 users and members of the Copperleaf team. Whether it is sharing best practices, brainstorming new ways to use the tools available in C55 or discussing future functionality, the conference is a great opportunity for new users and veterans alike,” explained Gordon Ashby, Resource Economic Planner, Generating Assets at Bonneville Power Administration. “The ability for users to get a sneak peek at future releases and provide input is highly valuable and ensures C55 continues to adapt to our needs. Finally, it can be both reassuring and thought-provoking to discuss the challenges of implementing an Asset Management program with other companies that have faced similar challenges or are just embarking on their Asset Management journey.”

This year’s event also marked the official launch of the Copperleaf Community Advisory Board, a group of Copperleaf customers committed to increasing the value of the Copperleaf Community for all users. “The goal of the Copperleaf Community Advisory Board is to facilitate collaboration with our peers, not just in our own industry, but across all industries utilizing Copperleaf C55,” said Board Co-Chair, Faye Cooper of ENMAX. “We all have common challenges when it comes to capital planning and asset management, and we can all benefit by sharing knowledge and working together on an ongoing basis.”

Next year’s conference will be held from May 8-10 in Vancouver. To learn more about the Copperleaf Community and the AIPM Summit, view our video.

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