Written by: Copperleaf

Feature Article: Trends & Predictions 2023

Energy Central recently published its first Special Issue for 2023, featuring an article by Copperleaf’s Damien Quentin, ESG Leader in the Americas.  

“Trends & Predictions 2023” taps into the collective knowledge of industry leaders to help utilities forecast and plan for the year ahead.  

With major geopolitical and environmental events having a significant impact on the energy sector and many communities across the globe, environmental justice has quickly become a complex and contentious topic of conversation worldwide.

In the feature article Investing in Our Future: Energy Equity in Capital Planning, Damien explains why it’s important to: 

  • Consider energy equity in organizational strategy and capital planning
  • Understand the intersectional nature of environmental justice
  • Account for both the tangible and intangible impacts of investments
  • Embrace the interplay between value, methodology, and technology


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