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Interview: Boudewijn Neijens on the Changing Landscape of Asset Management in T&D

Envisioning the 21st Century Grid: The Changing Landscape of Asset Management in Transmission & Distribution

The landscape of asset management in T&D is changing rapidly. After decades of relative stability, the need to incorporate smart metering and smart grids to accommodate renewables and distributed generation is putting increasing pressure on asset managers. At the same time a growing number of regulatory bodies are moving to risk-based frameworks, forcing a re-think of how we manage our fleets of aging assets. Finally, the new ISO 55000 standard that was released in early 2014 is gaining traction in the utility space and is raising the bar of what is considered ‘competent’ asset management.

EET&D interviewed Boudewijn Neijens of Copperleaf about these important developments in this article that appeared in the November/ December issue of Electric Energy T&D magazine. Access the full magazine on the Electric Energy website here.