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Innovation @ Copperleaf: Paul Carter on the Launch of Copperleaf Asset

Paul Carter, Outbound Product Manager for Copperleaf®, joins us today to discuss the launch of Copperleaf Asset™, as well as the rebranding of Copperleaf C55 into the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution.

Q: What is Copperleaf Asset and how does it help businesses?

Copperleaf Asset is our latest innovation, which allows organizations to create, manage, and visualize optimal asset strategies. It leverages AI-powered predictive analytics to generate risk, cost, and value over time for each asset and calculates recommended optimal intervention dates, allowing businesses to understand the optimal strategy for managing their asset populations for the next 1 to 100 years.”

Q: What are the benefits of using Copperleaf Asset?

Copperleaf Asset offers several key benefits:

  • Optimize interventions across your asset base: Analyze millions of assets to produce optimal lifecycle strategies for your entire asset base
  • Create risk-informed, value-based asset strategies: Understand risk and cost trade-offs by forecasting both the long-term baseline risk of the asset base and long-term outcome risk of different asset sustainment strategies
  • Develop executable plans that deliver the greatest value: Consider multiple operating constraints when developing your asset strategies, resulting in plans that can be accomplished with available resources
  • Create asset strategies to meet your goals: Apply constraints on KPIs and risk to develop asset strategies that align with your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Leverage industry-leading asset modeling: Align to ISO 5500x standards and take advantage of best practice asset models that incorporate risks, benefits, resources, service measures, KPIs, and entire lifecycle costs
  • Improve the efficiency of your asset management processes: Streamline the process of developing, approving, and managing asset sustainment strategies across your entire organization”

Organizations employing age- or condition-based maintenance strategies have achieved 250% more value and mitigated 200% more risk by switching to value-based optimization enabled by Copperleaf Asset.

Q: Can you tell us the reason for rebranding Copperleaf C55?

“Copperleaf first released C55, our decision analytics solution, in 2010. Since then, we have advanced the capabilities of C55, adding functionality in asset modeling, predictive analytics, investment capture and valuation, and portfolio and scenario analysis—growing it into a comprehensive enterprise decision analytics solution.

The Copperleaf product suite is now comprised of three highly configurable products:

  1. Copperleaf Portfolio: Captures, manages, and optimizes investment portfolios and enables what-if scenarios to deliver optimal enterprise-wide value-based decision making
  2. Copperleaf Asset: Empowers organizations to accurately predict their asset sustainment needs and create asset strategies that maximize value while proactively managing risk
  3. Copperleaf Value: Enables organizations to define, communicate, and evolve their Value Framework—the methodology that allows all decisions to be compared and quantified across a common economic scale in both Copperleaf Asset and Copperleaf Portfolio

This transformation of our solution will enable Copperleaf to strategically target each of our client’s immediate needs and offer a more tailored approach to advancing their decision-making maturity, while providing a simple path for organizations to upgrade and scale up capabilities as needed.

The change will also give us the flexibility to expand and diversify our client base and ensure we are able to scale our solution and continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients for years to come.”

Q: How does this impact new clients seeking to join the Copperleaf Community and improve their decision-making processes?

“New clients will benefit from the increased flexibility to start their decision-making journey with Copperleaf from an asset-strategy-first or investment-portfolio-first perspective, or the two in parallel. Our clients have successfully implemented using all three approaches.”

Q: Will the rebrand impact existing clients currently using C55? Should they expect any changes to their user experience?

“Existing clients will not be impacted by these changes. The Copperleaf suite uses the same architecture and business infrastructure as C55, resulting in a seamless experience for users. Clients upgrading their software version in 2021 will begin to see the new product names reflected in the UI, but rest assured that the functionality remains intact and Copperleaf will continue to focus on delivering an extraordinary experience for our clients!”

If you have questions or would like to book a demo of Copperleaf Asset, please contact us.

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